Steen Jones

This week I had the pleasure of watching incredible artist and all round nice guy Steen Jones do his thing at two awesome spots – a shop front in Bondi Beach and the side of Dapper Darlings, another beautiful shop that just happens to be owned by two of my very good friends, Linda andContinue reading “Steen Jones”


Roasted capsicums + bio cheese

Roasted capsicums stuffed with quinoa, lentils, semi-sundried tomatoes, green and red kale, fresh chilli and cajun spices. Delish! You’ll hear mixed reviews about bio cheese but I don’t mind it. It melts really well which is it’s greatest benefit, meaning for pizza and nachos for the like it works a charm! My local supermarket hasContinue reading “Roasted capsicums + bio cheese”

Know the facts + veggie steamed buns

Below is a rant. If you’re not interested in reading it then just ogle over the delicious dinner I cooked instead. Jamie Oliver’s veggie steamed buns with a few extra ingredients and steamed asian greens. There’s four types of mushrooms in there! ~~~~~ I’m a fairly relaxed vegan in terms of agenda-pushing. If someone asks me aContinue reading “Know the facts + veggie steamed buns”

My new veggie garden

Here is a before and after of my brand new veggie garden. I have the best family, ones that will bring the bulk of the materials over and work all day in the sun and with sore knees to help me kick start my urban farmer dream! In there are two types of kale, carrots,Continue reading “My new veggie garden”

Hieroglyphic Stairway

I’m currently reading Bob Brown’s memoir which references this snippet of Drew Dillenger’s poem Hieroglyphic Stairway. The simplicity of his rhetoric overwhelms me with guilt and urgency. There’s a constant dichotomy inside my head in trying to balance what is comfortable and what is right and I’m yet to find the centre. I feel foreverContinue reading “Hieroglyphic Stairway”

Budget bathroom makeover

The best thing about owning my home is that I can do whatever I want to it. Aaaaannnd the worst thing about owning my home is that I can do whatever I want. Doing whatever I want means I have to first actually make decisions and then find a way to make those ideas a realityContinue reading “Budget bathroom makeover”

Vegan Halloween

To coincide with World Vegan’s Day we threw a Halloween vegan morning tea at work. We had a great turn out seeing as there is only 4 actual vegans in my whole organisation. All the treats were vegan and we made about $120 in gold cold donations for Animals Australia :) I made a bunch of healthyContinue reading “Vegan Halloween”

Disco ball planter

I had a wild idea a few weeks ago – how cool would a disco ball planter be!? I’d never seen one before and I thought with a nice green flowing plant it could look really lovely sitting on my newly built shelves. Since making this project I actually have seen that there is aContinue reading “Disco ball planter”

Peace, love and broccoli.

I find it bemusing that I’ve had a few weirdly aggressive comments from various people since becoming vegan, so I’m setting the record straight. I decided to transition to a vegan lifestyle because I believe I can live a normal life without being dependent on other animal species to survive. Living a nourished and happyContinue reading “Peace, love and broccoli.”