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Vegan starter kit

I’m prefacing this post by saying I know that I have been so incredibly slack in updating my blog – so many things have been happening in life over the last year or so and I just haven’t begun to think about where I start posting about everything that life has had to offer. I will come back here and sort myself out eventually, I promise! How adorable is the feature image above? The photo is of four baby goats that were recently taken in at Hart Acres Animal Haven – an incredible sanctuary for unwanted animals that I have spent the last year volunteering at and falling in love with. I need to write a whole other post about HAAH – it’s become one of the true lights of my life. Until then, please enjoy this gorgeous photo of our new kids – Darla, Spanky, Janey and Alfalfa. In the meantime, I wanted to post this list as a useful resource for those looking to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I often get asked for links, …

Happy Earth Day

I tend to be perpetually frustrated these days about the seemingly growing misunderstanding (or ill-concern) for the importance of protecting our planet. Forest, oceans, species and natural havens are literally disappearing at an alarming rate. Equipped with more knowledge and technology than ever before, now is the time that we should be collectively changing our approach to way we live on our very own pale blue dot. The world is so big but the world is so small. This is the only home you and I are ever going to have and when another protected rainforest is demolished or another species is brought to its knees even on a continent on the other side of the world, I feel that pain. And I feel the guilt too. But among the frustration the thing that gives me hope is that for every story of greed or disregard there is a counteractive story of protest and education. There are more people now than ever before willing to learn and willing to sacrifice that ill-placed perception of “progress” …

Know the facts + veggie steamed buns

Below is a rant. If you’re not interested in reading it then just ogle over the delicious dinner I cooked instead. Jamie Oliver’s veggie steamed buns with a few extra ingredients and steamed asian greens. There’s four types of mushrooms in there! ~~~~~ I’m a fairly relaxed vegan in terms of agenda-pushing. If someone asks me a question I will answer honestly and share as much information as desired, but for the most part I keep my opinion to myself because the choice and motivations are mine and not for anyone else. But when someone goes out of their way to condemn my choices armed with a wealth of misinformation and uneducated prejudices I will not accept it as merely a “different point of view”. Today I was told I should be ashamed of myself for being vegan because of how damaging soy production is to the environment. That soy is a key contributor to climate change and I would be doing less harm to the environment as an omnivore than as a vegan. This isn’t the …

Hieroglyphic Stairway

I’m currently reading Bob Brown’s memoir which references this snippet of Drew Dillenger’s poem Hieroglyphic Stairway. The simplicity of his rhetoric overwhelms me with guilt and urgency. There’s a constant dichotomy inside my head in trying to balance what is comfortable and what is right and I’m yet to find the centre. I feel forever at odds with reconciling what my conscience says I should be doing versus what is actually in the capacity of just one person to achieve. I haven’t found my symmetry yet so let me ask you, what did you do?

Peace, love and broccoli.

I find it bemusing that I’ve had a few weirdly aggressive comments from various people since becoming vegan, so I’m setting the record straight. I decided to transition to a vegan lifestyle because I believe I can live a normal life without being dependent on other animal species to survive. Living a nourished and happy life with minimal impact on other animals is attainable and satisfying to me and my philosophy is that if I am able then what excuse is there not to? I’m stoked to have made the decision that I have. It’s been a year now and I have no intention of going back. I was already vegetarian when I switched and had been for the better part of 15 years anyway but veganism really is quite different to me and the feeling of satisfaction I get from living this way gives me so much more fulfilment and happiness than I ever had before. This does not mean that if you eat meat I now think you also enjoying kicking baby goats …

The Life Creative Blog

Chris over at TheLifeCreative has featured my apartment in his weekly Real Rooms segment, including some of the photos I posted last week and a lovely write up of his flattering interpretation of my eclectic tastes. “I love an all-stops train to Quirks-ville” – This should be on my new business cards I think! Hehehe. Thanks Chris, you’ve made my week!

New Years Resolution 2012

I generally don’t make, or keep, New Years resolutions, so this year I decided to do something a little more achievable and a lot more fun. My New Years resolution was to write down all the good things that happen in my life so that at the eve of 2014 I can reflect on a years worth of positive vibes and cool stuff, and probably also remember a bunch of things that I forgot even happened! Meet my “reasons why this year was awesome!” jar, as well as a very apt first addition (yes, I love Mariah) :)