Happy Earth Day


I tend to be perpetually frustrated these days about the seemingly growing misunderstanding (or ill-concern) for the importance of protecting our planet. Forest, oceans, species and natural havens are literally disappearing at an alarming rate. Equipped with more knowledge and technology than ever before, now is the time that we should be collectively changing our approach to way we live on our very own pale blue dot. The world is so big but the world is so small. This is the only home you and I are ever going to have and when another protected rainforest is demolished or another species is brought to its knees even on a continent on the other side of the world, I feel that pain. And I feel the guilt too. But among the frustration the thing that gives me hope is that for every story of greed or disregard there is a counteractive story of protest and education. There are more people now than ever before willing to learn and willing to sacrifice that ill-placed perception of “progress” in order to fight for and actively participate in the protection of this beautiful place we live.

Today I don’t feel frustrated. I feel humbled. Surrounded by howling winds and with drenched socks, now more than ever I am at the mercy of Mother Nature and her power never ceases to amaze me. Tomorrow I am flying to one of the last untouched regions of the Southern Hemisphere and I intend on spending my time there celebrating Planet Earth for all its colour, resilience, ingenuity and harmony. And when I get back I promise I am going to work on figuring out better ways to protect and celebrate my one and only home. Happy Earth Day. ‪#‎loveyourplanet‬

Photo taken at Pammukale, Turkey.


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the light and dark of the wild at heart.

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