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Vegan summer fruits trifle

What a year 2015 has been! I’m totally slack at updating my blog and there are a million projects/trips/photo adventures/things I need to post about but for now this is just a quick post as I’ve been getting so many requests for the recipe of the dessert I made for my family Christmas this year. For the last few Christmases since being vegan I have prepared a lot of food for the family gatherings – vegan food that everyone can eat. However this year, because I have the most amazing family ever, my mum and cousins made all this beautiful food for the whole family that was mostly all vegan. It was all so delicious – the best tasting food is the food that someone else made for you, am I right!? :) Anyhoo, still I couldn’t let a whole Christmas go by without making something delicious! I haven’t had trifle in many, many years – I’d never even seen anyone else I know make a vegan trifle before. I wanted it to be summery and …

Roasted capsicums + bio cheese

Roasted capsicums stuffed with quinoa, lentils, semi-sundried tomatoes, green and red kale, fresh chilli and cajun spices. Delish! You’ll hear mixed reviews about bio cheese but I don’t mind it. It melts really well which is it’s greatest benefit, meaning for pizza and nachos for the like it works a charm! My local supermarket has now started stocking a new brand of bio cheese. I still like the Harris Farm bio cheese better in terms of flavour, but it’s annoying for me to acquire because there are no Harris Farm Markets near my house. It’s not a product I will buy too often because it’s pretty expensive and I’ve already chosen a life without cheese anyway, but it’s a nice-to-have option for those times when food is just a little better off with some cheesy melty goodness.

Know the facts + veggie steamed buns

Below is a rant. If you’re not interested in reading it then just ogle over the delicious dinner I cooked instead. Jamie Oliver’s veggie steamed buns with a few extra ingredients and steamed asian greens. There’s four types of mushrooms in there! ~~~~~ I’m a fairly relaxed vegan in terms of agenda-pushing. If someone asks me a question I will answer honestly and share as much information as desired, but for the most part I keep my opinion to myself because the choice and motivations are mine and not for anyone else. But when someone goes out of their way to condemn my choices armed with a wealth of misinformation and uneducated prejudices I will not accept it as merely a “different point of view”. Today I was told I should be ashamed of myself for being vegan because of how damaging soy production is to the environment. That soy is a key contributor to climate change and I would be doing less harm to the environment as an omnivore than as a vegan. This isn’t the …

Rainbow bowl

I’d happily keep preparing and eating these forever <3 Quinoa with tahini and apple cider vinegar, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, semi-sundried tomatoes, green olives, beetroot, corn, sprouts, baked sweet potato, sautéed salt and pepper mushrooms, grilled cajun tofu, pickled zucchini and homemade hummus.

Tofu scramble

  I’m mildly ashamed to admit that before this week I had never tried a tofu scramble before. The whole resemblance to egg thing freaked me out so I just avoided. Well that’s aaaallll in the past because I finally made a dinner scramble and I’m a total convert. Tofu, mushrooms, capsicum, red and green kale, onion, sweet potato, nutritional yeast, fresh chilli and spices. Hollllaaaa. Served with roast potatoes and kale chips :)

My new veggie garden

Here is a before and after of my brand new veggie garden. I have the best family, ones that will bring the bulk of the materials over and work all day in the sun and with sore knees to help me kick start my urban farmer dream! In there are two types of kale, carrots, leek, spring onions, passionfruit, peas, chilli, broccoli, lettuce, bok choy, a lemon tree and an avocado tree.

Vegan Halloween

To coincide with World Vegan’s Day we threw a Halloween vegan morning tea at work. We had a great turn out seeing as there is only 4 actual vegans in my whole organisation. All the treats were vegan and we made about $120 in gold cold donations for Animals Australia :) I made a bunch of healthy spooky treats instead of baking and my favourites were these spideys made from sultanas and grapes.

Peace, love and broccoli.

I find it bemusing that I’ve had a few weirdly aggressive comments from various people since becoming vegan, so I’m setting the record straight. I decided to transition to a vegan lifestyle because I believe I can live a normal life without being dependent on other animal species to survive. Living a nourished and happy life with minimal impact on other animals is attainable and satisfying to me and my philosophy is that if I am able then what excuse is there not to? I’m stoked to have made the decision that I have. It’s been a year now and I have no intention of going back. I was already vegetarian when I switched and had been for the better part of 15 years anyway but veganism really is quite different to me and the feeling of satisfaction I get from living this way gives me so much more fulfilment and happiness than I ever had before. This does not mean that if you eat meat I now think you also enjoying kicking baby goats …

Peaches and cream glazed donuts [vegan]

Do these really need any words? They are light and cakey and divine. Hopefully they’ll be a hit at work tomorrow, they’re the first thing I’ve baked for my new workmates! Lovely recipe from Keepin’ It Kind – I pretty much followed it exactly, except I didn’t use coconut sugar I just used brown sugar and I also added blueberries to mine :)

The rainbow bowl

My newest most favourite food blog is Deliciously Ella. Her recipes are fresh, inventive and totally practical for every day cooking, all her photos are beautiful and happy and Ella herself is just cute as a button, too! I’ve been hearing about rainbow bowls/wrap/salads etc. for a while and I’ve wanted to try my own but hadn’t gotten around to it until I found Ella’s excellent guide to cooking lunches for the week and so I decided to give it a go. Sooooo yum! I had the best lunch at the office by far today :) For mine I followed Ella’s quinoa instructions with the tahini/apple cider combo, I made my own hummus (super simple; tinned chickpeas, olive oil, cumin, lemon and tahini, zapped in food processor), sautéed salt and pepper mushrooms, roasted herby sweet potato, fresh baby roma tomatoes, semi-sundried tomatoes, green olives, snow pea sprouts, mixed crunchy sprouts, beetroot and rocket/spinach combo. DELISH! Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow :)

Vegan Christmas :)

My first Christmas as a vegan was a complete success! I also made an amazing chocolate cake but forgot to take a photo, it was a huge hit with the fam though! Hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones xx Roasted veg, mushroom “Wellington” pastries, stirfried peppered beans, steamed cauliflower and mushroom gravy. Gnocchi potato salad with quinoa, beans and Dijon mayonnaise dressing. Plus grilled oregano tofu with bruschetta topping and garden salad. Annnnddd my crowning glory, vegan strawberry cheesecake. I was so stoked with how this turned out! And it was delicious and light and summery :)

Vegan eggplant parmesana with “cheese” sauce

I’ve been wanting to try an eggplant parmesana for ages! This one delivered everything I hoped for and more! I couldn’t quite get the beautiful smooth consistency of the sauce like in the recipe – I broke my good blender (sadface) and had to make do with a sub-par alternative. Still tasted superb though! Eggplant recipe from Oh She Glows and cheese sauce from Crunchworthy.

Vegan chocolate cups with coconut cream and berries

I’ve been doing some test runs of different recipes that I’m considering making for our family Christmas this year. Me being vegetarian has caused stress over the years for other people when it comes to family meals and as this will be my first holiday season as a vegan, I’m going to make a few different dishes that everyone including myself will be able to eat. I sort of just made this recipe up by joining things I’d seen from different places – I saw the idea for chocolate cups somewhere on the internet and I thought it looked like fun. I then found a way to make coconut cream and voila. That was it. I only made small ones for this trial run – its super super easy, somewhat messy if you’re not careful as you’ll see below. These would also work exceptionally well with soy ice cream or cream. What you need: Vegan chocolate of your choosing Tin of coconut milk (more than one if you’re making larger or many cups) Berries (I …

Warm quinoa salad with broccolini, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts.

Yet another excellent new recipe I have found, this one from Vegangela. This was my first time cooking with/eating quinoa so I really didn’t know what to expect – I’m such a fan! Can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I used broccolini instead of asparagus, semi sun-dried tomatoes (I always prefer these more) and I also added chilli flakes to mine, but otherwise an absolutely cracking dish. Served with olive bread and hummus. Yummy yummy yum yum.

Fragrant Indian Chickpea Salad

I posted a photo of this great salad dish I made during the week and quite a lot of people asked me for the recipe, so here it is! I slightly modified the original recipe I found and also halved the amounts as it served 8 and I was only cooking for 1! As much as I enjoyed it I don’t think I could eat the same of anything for 8 meals! So anyway, my version serves 4 but multiply the ingredient list for whatever suits you. Oh also just to clarify before we dive in – this is a warm salad, not cold :) Ingredients 1 tin chickpeas 2 onions 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves 2 bay leaves 1/2 cup peanut or olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon garam masala 2 tablespoons tomato paste 1 red capsicum, cut into strips 2 medium zucchinis, sliced on the diagonal Salt & pepper Baby spinach Directions 1. Drain chickpeas and add to saucepan with 1 cup of cold water. Peel …