Peace, love and broccoli.

I find it bemusing that I’ve had a few weirdly aggressive comments from various people since becoming vegan, so I’m setting the record straight.

I decided to transition to a vegan lifestyle because I believe I can live a normal life without being dependent on other animal species to survive. Living a nourished and happy life with minimal impact on other animals is attainable and satisfying to me and my philosophy is that if I am able then what excuse is there not to? I’m stoked to have made the decision that I have. It’s been a year now and I have no intention of going back. I was already vegetarian when I switched and had been for the better part of 15 years anyway but veganism really is quite different to me and the feeling of satisfaction I get from living this way gives me so much more fulfilment and happiness than I ever had before.

This does not mean that if you eat meat I now think you also enjoying kicking baby goats or seeing animals suffer. In fact, if you can believe it, I have absolutely no opinion of your choice to eat meat or dairy or wear leather or whatever else. Your choices don’t bother or concern me. I’ve come up against a number of people who seem to get automatically stroppy when this topic is raised, as though they’ve immediately jumped to the conclusion I must think they’re wrong and I’m right. This isn’t the case. If I do happen to ask you a question related to this, it’s because I’m genuinely interested in your answer/thoughts/opinion, not because I’m judging you.

I believe that we all have a responsibility to be more aware of where our food and goods come from and the resources that go into feeding, clothing and entertaining us. This includes myself. I still have a lot to learn and execute about living sustainably and respectfully; it’s an ongoing learning curve.

If you invite me over for dinner, don’t worry! I’m more than happy to bring delicious eats with me. I don’t expect you to understand how best to cater for my dietary choices, I only ask that you respect them.

Thanks for listening. Peace, love and broccoli ✌️



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