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I haven’t figured out what to call my new “business” – very loose term for my stained glass folly. I’d like to come up with a name so that I can sell my pieces more easily but of course I’m too picky and indecisive to just decide on something. So in lieu of a name, website, online store or a plan, here’s a few pictures of my recent #glitter. (I love working with glass so much, and I double triple quadruple love my eeny weeny home studio).

Latest stained glass creations

A few months ago I posted about my newest love for stained glass, a craft that is as satisfying as it is painstaking. After finishing the first semester of the course I was absolutely obsessed and went back for another semester. Here are some photos of my recent creations. (Side note: I am still absolutely obsessed with continuing to expand my skills with this beautiful art form and am currently working on setting up a little space where I will be able to work from home. Exciting!) The first thing I made this semester was an antique style scallop mirror. I wanted to try something art deco inspired and a mirror seemed like the right choice. I designed the mirror pattern myself. It’s a little bit hard to tell in the photos but the scalloped edging has two different types of textured clear glass and the detailing is made from opaque black glass. I gave this to my mum for Christmas as she collects art deco mirrors. She absolutely loved it :) (The beautiful crochet …

My budget patio makeover secret

It’s been around 18 months now since I delved into the property market and moved into my first apartment. During that time I’ve focused on making my little haven into a home that I love spending my time in. I love coming home here every day and being greeted by happy little furry faces surrounded by the colours of my things and the comfort of knowing this little space is all mine. After my initial overzealous enthusiasm for all the decorating and renovating I wanted to do and do immediately the very second I moved in, I’ve finally gotten my apartment to a place that I’m really happy with and a place that reflects my tastes and things that I love – with the exception of my outdoor patio. My apartment is a small and cosy 2 bedroom 63 square metres (perfect for me + my furbabies) but it’s crowning glory is the backyard – and at 148sqm, my outside space is significantly bigger than the inside. I love having so much space outside – I bought this place …

My foray into stained glass

I’ve always loved stained glass. Growing up my mum used to make beautiful glass works, teaching classes in our garage for people interested in making lamps, windows, ornaments, you name it. Even though mum hasn’t made anything for a number of years now, her house (and my grandparents’ house) is still filled with beautiful antique style lamps, window panels and decorations that she made all by hand. There’s one particularly spectacular floor lamp that I’ve got my eye on… (hint hint). I’ve wanted to try my hand at stained glass for years but given all the equipment and tools you need it always seemed too much of a hassle. Mum had always said that if I took a class and enjoyed myself she would give me all of her glass stuff that she’s got in storage. By pure coincidence my lovely friend Kate started doing a course just 5 minutes up the road from my house and she loved it so much she went back for another semester and I decided to join her. A …

Pallet bedhead

I made a pallet bedhead which cost me a grand total of $0. I decided not to stain it as the wood is beautiful and has a lovely natural look so I just sanded the pallets back and cleaned them up to give them new life. I also added timber to the top of both pallets to create a shelf so that I could decorate them more easily. Still need to add some fairy lights :)

My new veggie garden

Here is a before and after of my brand new veggie garden. I have the best family, ones that will bring the bulk of the materials over and work all day in the sun and with sore knees to help me kick start my urban farmer dream! In there are two types of kale, carrots, leek, spring onions, passionfruit, peas, chilli, broccoli, lettuce, bok choy, a lemon tree and an avocado tree.

Budget bathroom makeover

The best thing about owning my home is that I can do whatever I want to it. Aaaaannnd the worst thing about owning my home is that I can do whatever I want. Doing whatever I want means I have to first actually make decisions and then find a way to make those ideas a reality without taking out a second mortgage to afford them! I’d love to be able to completely remodel my bathroom but until I can afford such fanciful things I decided to give it a facelift over the last couple of days. I also wanted to keep costs down as much as possible which I was actually successful at doing for once! Thank goodness I love a little bit of DIY. I outlined my costs below for those who are interested :) This was the bathroom when I first moved in a couple of months ago: And after three coats of paint, some greenery and some decorative sparkle… Not too shabby for a grand total of about $65! I built this hanging …

Disco ball planter

I had a wild idea a few weeks ago – how cool would a disco ball planter be!? I’d never seen one before and I thought with a nice green flowing plant it could look really lovely sitting on my newly built shelves. Since making this project I actually have seen that there is a company that sells something similar (go figure right!) but they are pretty expensive. Mine was a lot more effort than I had originally thought but it was still lots of fun and it’s pretty excellent when you’re able to realise an idea and it turns out in the end just as you imagined! First things first was that I bought a disco ball. I then made a mould from paper mache roughly the same size as the ball. I did three layers over a few days as they dried because I wanted the mould to be very strong and thick. It wasn’t great weather during this stage so that was a little painful – took ages to dry! Yes I …

Living wall art

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while but didn’t have a good enough reason to – until Christmas that is! I made two as gifts, they were more work than I had anticipated but still really fun to make and worth it overall. Thanks to my Dadsie who did much of the hard labour with the frames <3 Materials: Succulents of choice Picture frames Weedmat Chicken wire or gutter mesh Shadow box (premade or your can make your own) Potting mix Tacks and nails Hooks and hanging wire Scissors Hammer Nail punch Thin tool like a pencil or end of a spoon etc. Water Many years ago my family acquired quite a number of these vintage cheese boxes. They have come in handy for so many things over the years! They’ve been used for many a DIY project and met even more storage needs. I’m pretty sure this one I claimed is the very last unallocated box (when I say unallocated I mean full of random junk in the shed that I felt better belonged scattered over Dad’s workbench). Dad measured …

The Life Creative Blog

Chris over at TheLifeCreative has featured my apartment in his weekly Real Rooms segment, including some of the photos I posted last week and a lovely write up of his flattering interpretation of my eclectic tastes. “I love an all-stops train to Quirks-ville” – This should be on my new business cards I think! Hehehe. Thanks Chris, you’ve made my week!


Renting might not afford you as much freedom to make modifications to your house exactly as you’d like, but I’m proud to say that despite being a renter, I still made my apartment a bright and interesting home, somewhere that’s been a joy to come back to at the end of the day. I have a lot of stuff. Books, artwork, photos, keepsakes, knick-knacks, plants, etc. My collections, like my tastes, are very eclectic. This makes decorating sometimes fun, and also sometimes overwhelming! There’s a story behind almost every item – whether it’s a piece of furniture I revamped, painting by a friend, terrarium I made, travel photo, well-thumbed novel or bowl of unpolished crystals I’ve amassed over time, almost everything I own comes with some kind of sentimental attachment. This makes it hard to get rid of stuff sometimes or to objectively “edit” my decor choices. None of my furniture matches because they were hand-me-downs or gifts or op-shop finds or bargains from IKEA. The books and artworks I have I’ve been collecting for a decade …

DIY: Revamped planter stand

I found this tired little plant stand for $2. I wanted to do something to jazz it up a little bit and make it more funky. I had a bunch of jars laying around so this is how it went down: After sanding it back lightly, I used painters tape to create a herringbone print so that some of the original wood would still be visible and used a subtle yellowy mustard tone that I made up from acrylic paints that I already had. After that I painted the tops of the the jars with some complimentary colours and wrapped the jars with twine to finish them off. Then I added some great low maintenance plants and voila! Happy with how this one turned out :)

DIY: Test tube spice rack

I am really stoked with how this project turned out! I saw something similar in a shop that I loved but it was almost $300 and I thought, pffft I could make that! And I did. Admittedly it was a little more complicated than I anticipated and it’s certainly not perfect but for the first time I’d even used a drill I am pretty chuffed with myself! Here are the completed photos, below is a little step by step if you’re interested. The original one I saw in a shop wasn’t quite the same but similar and was around $270 and held 12 tubes. I spent less than $40 to make this and mine holds 22 tubes :) And I used larger test tubes than the “standard” size because these will mostly fit an entire 35g spice bottle, like the ones you can buy from most supermarkets. Also I love that they have a flat bottom rather than a domed one, it means I can pull one out while cooking and stand it on the …


Somehow or rather I developed an interest in making terrariums. I can’t remember how, to be totally honest. It just became a new obsession for no real reason. That obsession turned my apartment into a living greenhouse – terrariums everywhere. At one stage I had around 45 in my house. Crazy plant lady! The result of this little obsession has manifested into moss&bone, my fun little side project of making and selling terrariums :) This is a selection of some of my favourites I’ve made – see greenery for more! Making these makes me happy, and I think they make others happy too :)        

Before & after: cabinet

While at my favourite second-hand shop looking for other goodies, I stumbled across this cabinet. Even though it wasn’t the most striking piece of furniture I walked back for a second, third and fourth look. I wasn’t sure at first that I could do anything with it – the bottom half was tired and ugly, but I couldn’t stop staring at the top half. That beautiful big glass door, I had lots of images in my head of how I could bring it to life! My lovely Dad confirmed that he could help me (aka do 90% of the hard labour while I supervised) saw the base of it off and that it wouldn’t be too difficult, so I was sold (for $20 too!). Squished it in the back of the car and set off home, very chuffed with my not-so-little find. After sawing off the bottom half and attached new legs that I bought from Bunnings, I sanded the cabinet back and gave it a good clean. The previous owners didn’t treat it that …

Before & after: gumball terrarium

This is probably one of the most favourite things I’ve ever made. I had a lot of fun! I bought the bubblegum machine in its original, tired form from a friend. I then sanded it back, gave it an undercoat and then a couple of coats of this glorious glossy blue. I then cut a piece of perspex to size (Ikea frames! They all have flexible plastic rather than glass – perfect!) to sit inside the base of the gumball machine and sealed it up to make sure that it was watertight. After that I built a simple moss terrarium inside and added a cutesy bunny and then I was finished :) It was really hard to part with this but it went to a great home and I’m happy that others loved it as much as I did too.

Before & after; cane tray

I’m not entirely sure what I was ever intending to use this for. For $2 I wasn’t ready to pass it up and I was sure I’d figure out something I could do with it! I had a can of black spray pain laying around, as well as a giant piece of cardboard, so I decided to cut a piece to size for the bottom of the tray and cover with a great piece of fabric. Love the colours! Makes a great table centrepiece. And because I didn’t actually fix the base down in any permanent way, I could easily swap it out for another piece of fabric if I want a change. Perfect!