Budget bathroom makeover

The best thing about owning my home is that I can do whatever I want to it. Aaaaannnd the worst thing about owning my home is that I can do whatever I want. Doing whatever I want means I have to first actually make decisions and then find a way to make those ideas a reality without taking out a second mortgage to afford them! I’d love to be able to completely remodel my bathroom but until I can afford such fanciful things I decided to give it a facelift over the last couple of days. I also wanted to keep costs down as much as possible which I was actually successful at doing for once! Thank goodness I love a little bit of DIY. I outlined my costs below for those who are interested :) This was the bathroom when I first moved in a couple of months ago:


And after three coats of paint, some greenery and some decorative sparkle…


Not too shabby for a grand total of about $65!

bathroom-after3 bathroom-after5

I built this hanging plant sculpture by cutting some copper piping to size, braiding some jute rope and hanging cuttings and moss from test tubes, and also the moss ball I got from Octopus’s Garden. I’m really happy with how this turned out! It’s so nice when you picture something in your head and it actually ends up looking the same way! 

bathroom-after2 bathroom-after4 10711109_10152422245821440_4599722612946650643_n

Paint: $18
Small paint roller and tray: $4
Triangle shelf: $30
Copper piping: $8
3 new face washers: $7

Everything else I already had around the house (test tubes were left over from my spice rack, the moss ball I didn’t actually pay for because I won a voucher, towels, artworks and candles I already had and the succulent cuttings came from my garden). Very happy overall with how good it looks for little over a days work. I do believe this little makeover will placate my desire to remodel… for the time being :) Bonus tip: Fresh flowers in the bathroom ALWAYS makes everything prettier and more enjoyable <3

flower2 flowers4


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