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Pallet bedhead

I made a pallet bedhead which cost me a grand total of $0. I decided not to stain it as the wood is beautiful and has a lovely natural look so I just sanded the pallets back and cleaned them up to give them new life. I also added timber to the top of both pallets to create a shelf so that I could decorate them more easily. Still need to add some fairy lights :)

Disco ball planter

I had a wild idea a few weeks ago – how cool would a disco ball planter be!? I’d never seen one before and I thought with a nice green flowing plant it could look really lovely sitting on my newly built shelves. Since making this project I actually have seen that there is a company that sells something similar (go figure right!) but they are pretty expensive. Mine was a lot more effort than I had originally thought but it was still lots of fun and it’s pretty excellent when you’re able to realise an idea and it turns out in the end just as you imagined! First things first was that I bought a disco ball. I then made a mould from paper mache roughly the same size as the ball. I did three layers over a few days as they dried because I wanted the mould to be very strong and thick. It wasn’t great weather during this stage so that was a little painful – took ages to dry! Yes I …

Living wall art

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while but didn’t have a good enough reason to – until Christmas that is! I made two as gifts, they were more work than I had anticipated but still really fun to make and worth it overall. Thanks to my Dadsie who did much of the hard labour with the frames <3 Materials: Succulents of choice Picture frames Weedmat Chicken wire or gutter mesh Shadow box (premade or your can make your own) Potting mix Tacks and nails Hooks and hanging wire Scissors Hammer Nail punch Thin tool like a pencil or end of a spoon etc. Water Many years ago my family acquired quite a number of these vintage cheese boxes. They have come in handy for so many things over the years! They’ve been used for many a DIY project and met even more storage needs. I’m pretty sure this one I claimed is the very last unallocated box (when I say unallocated I mean full of random junk in the shed that I felt better belonged scattered over Dad’s workbench). Dad measured …