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Disco ball planter

I had a wild idea a few weeks ago – how cool would a disco ball planter be!? I’d never seen one before and I thought with a nice green flowing plant it could look really lovely sitting on my newly built shelves. Since making this project I actually have seen that there is a company that sells something similar (go figure right!) but they are pretty expensive. Mine was a lot more effort than I had originally thought but it was still lots of fun and it’s pretty excellent when you’re able to realise an idea and it turns out in the end just as you imagined! First things first was that I bought a disco ball. I then made a mould from paper mache roughly the same size as the ball. I did three layers over a few days as they dried because I wanted the mould to be very strong and thick. It wasn’t great weather during this stage so that was a little painful – took ages to dry! Yes I …

Update via photos

I really need to update this blog but I can’t be bothered right now, so here’s some photos I’ve taken recently instead to get out of writing anything substantial. All taken with iPhone 5. Perth City, WA. Fremantle, WA. Fremantle, WA. Fremantle, WA. Street art in Fremantle, WA. Street art in Fremantle, WA. An amazing building I found while exploring Fremantle. The inside of it was covered in ivy from floor to ceiling, spilling over the roof. I don’t know if it was an abandoned building or if it was purposefully designed that way. I couldn’t find a way in to check it out. Either way, so beautiful <3 Great cafe in Perth, Toastface Grillah Flight path: Perth to home. Some fun paints I picked up :) Burrawang, NSW. Burrawang Hotel, NSW. Burrawang Hotel, NSW. Burrawang Hotel, NSW. Burrawang Hotel, NSW. Burrawang Hotel, NSW. Fitzroy Falls, NSW. Fitzroy Falls, NSW. Australian War Memorial, Canberra. The Pavilion Hotel Canberra. It’s like a gigantic, tacky, amazing, life-sized terrarium.

DIY: Revamped planter stand

I found this tired little plant stand for $2. I wanted to do something to jazz it up a little bit and make it more funky. I had a bunch of jars laying around so this is how it went down: After sanding it back lightly, I used painters tape to create a herringbone print so that some of the original wood would still be visible and used a subtle yellowy mustard tone that I made up from acrylic paints that I already had. After that I painted the tops of the the jars with some complimentary colours and wrapped the jars with twine to finish them off. Then I added some great low maintenance plants and voila! Happy with how this one turned out :)


Somehow or rather I developed an interest in making terrariums. I can’t remember how, to be totally honest. It just became a new obsession for no real reason. That obsession turned my apartment into a living greenhouse – terrariums everywhere. At one stage I had around 45 in my house. Crazy plant lady! The result of this little obsession has manifested into moss&bone, my fun little side project of making and selling terrariums :) This is a selection of some of my favourites I’ve made – see greenery for more! Making these makes me happy, and I think they make others happy too :)        

Before & after: gumball terrarium

This is probably one of the most favourite things I’ve ever made. I had a lot of fun! I bought the bubblegum machine in its original, tired form from a friend. I then sanded it back, gave it an undercoat and then a couple of coats of this glorious glossy blue. I then cut a piece of perspex to size (Ikea frames! They all have flexible plastic rather than glass – perfect!) to sit inside the base of the gumball machine and sealed it up to make sure that it was watertight. After that I built a simple moss terrarium inside and added a cutesy bunny and then I was finished :) It was really hard to part with this but it went to a great home and I’m happy that others loved it as much as I did too.

Before & after; cane tray

I’m not entirely sure what I was ever intending to use this for. For $2 I wasn’t ready to pass it up and I was sure I’d figure out something I could do with it! I had a can of black spray pain laying around, as well as a giant piece of cardboard, so I decided to cut a piece to size for the bottom of the tray and cover with a great piece of fabric. Love the colours! Makes a great table centrepiece. And because I didn’t actually fix the base down in any permanent way, I could easily swap it out for another piece of fabric if I want a change. Perfect!

Before & after; mini greenhouse

I spent a good hour in a second hand shop finding the right sized frames – and I aaaallllmossttt got there. They didn’t all measure up exactly and if they did it would probably have ended up looking more ‘finished’, but I kind of like that it has that used/distressed/scrappy look. Seeing as it is actually all of those things! This was also an interesting experiment for me in doing some basic handyman work – nailing things and such. I think I need to do a basic tools course (do they have those?) as I was pretty useless at that part and it took me way longer than it would have taken a partially skilled human. At one point I accidentally nailed the thing to the floor of my loungeroom…. oops! Before After