Australia Temperate Zone: veggie planting calendar [free download]

I’ve learnt a lot over the years in the garden through trial and error and of course by lots of research with the myriad of resources out there. There are other planting calendars already available but I found that none of them had exactly the information that I was looking for in one place – and some of them are also really complex to follow.

I just wanted a simple one page guide – so I went full garden nerd, made my own template from scratch, had it printed as a poster and laminated it! I spent way longer than I care to admit working on this (side note, how GOOD is Canva!?) but really enjoyed doing it.

Anyhoo, I figured that some others’ might find this useful too so I’ve made it available as a free downloadable PDF, simply click the image below. You can print it, keep it on your phone, whatever you like.

Note, this guide is for temperate Australian zones only and only includes veg and herbs that I personally like and enjoy growing, so it is not comprehensive – if you’re looking for that try Google instead as there’s lots of other resources available.

Enjoy and happy gardening x


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