Breathtaking Iceland

2017 has absolutely flown by as usual and also as usual I don’t think I’ve updated my blog once. Oops. Among a million things that have happened already this year, I turned 30. To celebrate I had a beautiful birthday dinner with my nearest and dearest and as a gift to myself I took a trip to Iceland, a destination that’s been at the top of my bucket list for many years.

My mum came on the trip with me – we hired a teeny van and drove more than 3000km around Iceland, starting in Keflavik and driving anti-clockwise around the entire country. Neither of us had ever been to Iceland before and we both came home absolutely in awe and in love. We’ve been back from our trip for a few weeks now and I still don’t really have the words to describe how stunning and perfect Iceland is – so I’m going to let my photos do the talking. It was so much more incredible than I could ever have imagined. There are so many places I saw with my own eyes that still are hard to fathom were actually real. Iceland the magnificent, wonderful fairytale land of waterfalls, rainbows and impossible-to-pronounce placenames. So, SO worth the 40 hours of travel it took to get there.

I took literally thousands of photos in our two week road trip. Thousands. This is a selection of my favourites. Do yourself a favour and go to Iceland. The people are beautiful and the landscapes totally indescribable. One day you feel like you’re stuck inside a rainbow and the next day like you’re lost on Mars. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many different beautiful and humbling places around the world, but I think Iceland may now have jumped to the top of the list.

iceland10 iceland15 iceland26 iceland30 iceland33 iceland34 iceland44 iceland53 iceland42 iceland46 iceland64 iceland58 iceland62 iceland73 iceland67 iceland79 iceland87 iceland89 iceland92 iceland99 iceland100 iceland106 iceland117 iceland123 iceland126 iceland128 iceland133 iceland138 iceland141 iceland145


iceland148 iceland152 iceland154 iceland159 iceland166 iceland173 iceland180 iceland181 iceland185 iceland190 iceland191 iceland196 iceland202 iceland203 iceland208

iceland214 iceland216 iceland216a iceland234 iceland235 iceland240 iceland243 iceland245 iceland251 iceland252 iceland254 iceland262 iceland263 iceland265 iceland270 iceland273 iceland275 iceland280 iceland282 iceland285 iceland289 iceland290 iceland302 iceland305 iceland313 iceland317 iceland318 iceland342 iceland348 iceland352 iceland353 iceland356 iceland359 iceland364 iceland365 iceland368 iceland373 iceland377 iceland382 iceland383 iceland389 iceland395 iceland396 iceland398 iceland401 iceland402 iceland409 iceland410 iceland413 iceland417 iceland427 iceland434 iceland447 iceland451


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3 thoughts on “Breathtaking Iceland

  1. Wow! I had no idea that Iceland was so beautiful. I love the colored Stepping Stones that direct to the church. The scenery in the photos you’ve shared is just absolutely gorgeous! I don’t fly and I’ve only done it once, but if I ever get on a plane again, Iceland will be my destination.

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