Before & after: cabinet

While at my favourite second-hand shop looking for other goodies, I stumbled across this cabinet. Even though it wasn’t the most striking piece of furniture I walked back for a second, third and fourth look. I wasn’t sure at first that I could do anything with it – the bottom half was tired and ugly, but I couldn’t stop staring at the top half. That beautiful big glass door, I had lots of images in my head of how I could bring it to life! My lovely Dad confirmed that he could help me (aka do 90% of the hard labour while I supervised) saw the base of it off and that it wouldn’t be too difficult, so I was sold (for $20 too!). Squished it in the back of the car and set off home, very chuffed with my not-so-little find.


After sawing off the bottom half and attached new legs that I bought from Bunnings, I sanded the cabinet back and gave it a good clean. The previous owners didn’t treat it that well – it had a pretty pathetic paint job and there were lots of surface yuckies that I sanded smooth.


I used the left over paint that I had from the bubblegum terrarium (still in love with this colour!) and it gave this cute little cabinet, as well my loungeroom, a whole new life. Absolutely love it.

Also! What made this project even better was that rather than discarding the bottom half of the cabinet that we chopped off, even though it wasn’t nice enough to put on display, I’ve kept it in my garage and it fills the gap I had for storage of all my tools, hardware, paints and other things that don’t belong inside my apartment. Awesome!




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