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Rainbow bowl

I’d happily keep preparing and eating these forever <3 Quinoa with tahini and apple cider vinegar, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, semi-sundried tomatoes, green olives, beetroot, corn, sprouts, baked sweet potato, sautéed salt and pepper mushrooms, grilled cajun tofu, pickled zucchini and homemade hummus.

The rainbow bowl

My newest most favourite food blog is Deliciously Ella. Her recipes are fresh, inventive and totally practical for every day cooking, all her photos are beautiful and happy and Ella herself is just cute as a button, too! I’ve been hearing about rainbow bowls/wrap/salads etc. for a while and I’ve wanted to try my own but hadn’t gotten around to it until I found Ella’s excellent guide to cooking lunches for the week and so I decided to give it a go. Sooooo yum! I had the best lunch at the office by far today :) For mine I followed Ella’s quinoa instructions with the tahini/apple cider combo, I made my own hummus (super simple; tinned chickpeas, olive oil, cumin, lemon and tahini, zapped in food processor), sautéed salt and pepper mushrooms, roasted herby sweet potato, fresh baby roma tomatoes, semi-sundried tomatoes, green olives, snow pea sprouts, mixed crunchy sprouts, beetroot and rocket/spinach combo. DELISH! Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow :)