Beautiful New Zealand

I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand but I also figured it was so close to home and easy to get to that I’d get there eventually so I’ve been more focused on visiting places further away. That was until Air NZ had a really excellent sale earlier in the year and all of a sudden I had booked and paid for a return flight to Christchurch.

I always knew I was going to enjoy the South Island but I couldn’t be more sincere when I say that I absolutely. fell. in. love. New Zealand is such an awe-inspiring place. So many people live there in such a harmony with nature that I’ve never truly witnessed before. I went to sleep each night for the two weeks that I was there feeling entirely privileged to have been an observer in such a colourful, natural wilderness and soak in NZ’s crazy landscape in all it’s glory. I dare to say nowhere else in the world could I drive down a quiet road (and be the only car for kilometres) with towering snow-capped mountains and sweeping cow/sheep/deer paddocks to my right and wild seal colonies perched on rocks at the start of a never-ending ocean to my left. Absolutely magical. What a magnificent, soothing and exciting place. I can’t wait to go back.

Photos really cannot do justice to all the incredible places that I visited and I truly, wholeheartedly recommend that you stop any other travel plans that you’re currently organising and go straight to New Zealand. You won’t regret it. Hire a van, take an awesome travel companion and go get lost.

Until next time, my abundant, friendly and wild neighbour <3

[Side note: I also posted a couple of other posts dedicated to a two of the many highlights from NZ, Milford Sound and The Hexagon.]

nz4nz5 nz8 nz10 nz12

Lake Tekapo

nz22 nz23 nz29

Lake Pukaki

nz34 nz36

Karawua Gorge

nz41 nz42


nz45 nz48 nz50 nz55 nz56 nz57 nz58 nz59 nz60

The road to Glenorchy

nz61 nz63 nz67 nz70


nz74 nz76nz77 nz83

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

nz122 nz123

The Blue Pools

nz127 nz133 nz136 nz139 nz145 nz146 nz152

Overlooking Diamond Lake

nz154 nz158

On the Rob Roy Glacier Trail

nz159  nz163 nz168 nz169 nz177

Lake Wanaka


“That Wanaka Tree”

nz183 nz186 nz188 nz196 nz197 nz199

Lake Matheson walking track

nz204 nz207 nz210 nz216 nz217 nz219 nz220 nz227


nz226 nz228

Hokitika Gorge

nz229 nz230 nz232 nz242 nz297 nz300 nz301 nz302 nz306

Seals at Ohau Stream

nz308 nz314 nz318 nz321

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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