The Hexagon

While we were researching our trip to New Zealand we came across a company called Canopy Camping, an Air BnB style agency that promotes eco “glamping” experiences. There are sites all over the North and South Islands ranging from fancy tents to cave dwellings to vintage caravans. There were so many awesome spots to choose from! We only had the opportunity to visit one of the sites so after a bit of research we landed on The Hexagon, in the northern end of the West Coast.

Boy oh boy did we pick well. The Hexagon is an off the grid eco cabin with solar power for basic essentials, an outdoor kitchen (the most fun kitchen I have ever cooked in, ever!) and bathroom and outdoor fire bath. The cabin has stunning ocean views and is nestled in a lush green haven on the private property of an old hippy commune from the 70s, now under the care of local artist, handyman and all-round legend, Jed. Surrounded by feijoa trees and cheeky weka birds, the two nights we spent here were completely and utterly peaceful. The cabin itself and all of its perks are made from recycled and local materials, everything from the beautiful timber benches to the vintage copper showerhead and the second-hand rope net sealing off the front balcony. There’s no wifi, no phone reception, no television. It is the perfect escape from the noise and ever present connectedness of our seemingly disconnected modern lives. I spent almost two whole days reading by the outdoor fire and sipping tea and it was entirely perfect.

The outdoor bath was something else, too. It took a bit of time to get the fire underneath the rustic tub just right but once we did it burned into the night. Laying in the beautifully hot water filled with homemade lavender bath salts overlooking the ocean was one of the most relaxing moments of my life to date.

Many thanks to Jed for being such an enthusiastic and friendly host. We were in the first handful of guests who have had the pleasure of visiting the Hexagon and I feel very lucky to have been so. All of Jed’s hard work, care and DIY ingenuity made this the most perfectly charming and comfortable stay I think I’ve ever had anywhere. Can’t wait to visit again some time soon and see what other crafty and environmentally friendly creations he comes up with that make this place somewhere you just don’t ever want to leave.

“I build a lighted home and therein dwell.”

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