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I’m prefacing this post by saying I know that I have been so incredibly slack in updating my blog – so many things have been happening in life over the last year or so and I just haven’t begun to think about where I start posting about everything that life has had to offer. I will come back here and sort myself out eventually, I promise!

How adorable is the feature image above? The photo is of four baby goats that were recently taken in at Hart Acres Animal Haven – an incredible sanctuary for unwanted animals that I have spent the last year volunteering at and falling in love with. I need to write a whole other post about HAAH – it’s become one of the true lights of my life. Until then, please enjoy this gorgeous photo of our new kids – Darla, Spanky, Janey and Alfalfa.

In the meantime, I wanted to post this list as a useful resource for those looking to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I often get asked for links, blogs and recipes for vegan newbies so I put something together to send to people when asked – and realised that others would most likely find it helpful too.

Being vegan isn’t just a dietary choice and this list has an obvious omission of tools that focus on veganising other parts of ones life, but one step at a time I say. Transitioning into a vegan lifestyle can be overwhelming. There is a plethora of blogs and websites and books and forums and Facebook groups and videos and whatever else out there about veganism – it can be fricking exhausting! (And that’s coming from a non-newbie). This is a distilled list of what I consider to be some of the best and most useful information out there during those first weeks and months. Hopefully it can help you to cut through some of the noise and just get down to the basics while you’re starting out.

There’s no such thing as the perfect vegan – and no one should ever make you feel guilty for making mistakes. I’ve been vegan for years and yet still slip up too – just last night I accidentally ate hummus that had milk in it (sidenote: who the eff puts milk in hummus!? I didn’t even think to check). Shit happens. Don’t feel bad or disheartened. Your best effort is all anyone can ask for and every day that you make conscious and deliberate choices to lessen your impact on other living beings is another day you should be proud of.

A few of these resources are specific to Australia and Sydney but otherwise the rest should be useful to everyone anywhere :) Please drop a comment below if you have any suggested additions or requests – I will continue adding to this post as needed.

Jen x

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle:

Easy vegan recipes:

Favourite vegan food blogs:

Other stuff:


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