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The Hexagon

While we were researching our trip to New Zealand we came across a company called Canopy Camping, an Air BnB style agency that promotes eco “glamping” experiences. There are sites all over the North and South Islands ranging from fancy tents to cave dwellings to vintage caravans. There were so many awesome spots to choose from! We only had the opportunity to visit one of the sites so after a bit of research we landed on The Hexagon, in the northern end of the West Coast. Boy oh boy did we pick well. The Hexagon is an off the grid eco cabin with solar power for basic essentials, an outdoor kitchen (the most fun kitchen I have ever cooked in, ever!) and bathroom and outdoor fire bath. The cabin has stunning ocean views and is nestled in a lush green haven on the private property of an old hippy commune from the 70s, now under the care of local artist, handyman and all-round legend, Jed. Surrounded by feijoa trees and cheeky weka birds, the two nights …

Milford Sound

A place so spectacular that it deserved its own post <3 It’s difficult to describe how incredible my Milford Sound experience was. We cruised on a small boat through the Sound, surrounded by 400 million year old mountains and low, thick cloud. There were hundreds of gushing waterfalls and everything was covered in lush greenery thanks to recent rains. Not only did we get to see a wide variety of birdlife and wild fur seals, we were treated to the privilege of a rare interaction with a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins, including a mum and her calf. They swam around and under our boat, jumping and flipping and watching us admire them for about half an hour. It was just beautiful. A truly magical day in a fairytale land.   

Beautiful New Zealand

I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand but I also figured it was so close to home and easy to get to that I’d get there eventually so I’ve been more focused on visiting places further away. That was until Air NZ had a really excellent sale earlier in the year and all of a sudden I had booked and paid for a return flight to Christchurch. I always knew I was going to enjoy the South Island but I couldn’t be more sincere when I say that I absolutely. fell. in. love. New Zealand is such an awe-inspiring place. So many people live there in such a harmony with nature that I’ve never truly witnessed before. I went to sleep each night for the two weeks that I was there feeling entirely privileged to have been an observer in such a colourful, natural wilderness and soak in NZ’s crazy landscape in all it’s glory. I dare to say nowhere else in the world could I drive down a quiet road (and be the …

Happy Earth Day

I tend to be perpetually frustrated these days about the seemingly growing misunderstanding (or ill-concern) for the importance of protecting our planet. Forest, oceans, species and natural havens are literally disappearing at an alarming rate. Equipped with more knowledge and technology than ever before, now is the time that we should be collectively changing our approach to way we live on our very own pale blue dot. The world is so big but the world is so small. This is the only home you and I are ever going to have and when another protected rainforest is demolished or another species is brought to its knees even on a continent on the other side of the world, I feel that pain. And I feel the guilt too. But among the frustration the thing that gives me hope is that for every story of greed or disregard there is a counteractive story of protest and education. There are more people now than ever before willing to learn and willing to sacrifice that ill-placed perception of “progress” …

The purple rainbow

It’s no secret how much I love the sky. Clouds, sunsets, storms – all of it – I’m obsessed. But even for a self-confessed sky-addict, there comes a sight every so often that still manages to take my breath away. This purple-pink double rainbow across Sydney last week did exactly that. What a glorious way to start an otherwise mundane March Tuesday.

Helensburgh Tunnel

I’ve been to this beautiful abandoned tunnel before, but just before this most recent visit there had been 2 days of rain, which totally changed the experience and beauty of this special spot. Everything was so luscious and green and there was trickling water everywhere. A truly magical experience and quite a stark contrast to the last time I visited. Given that I had my friend Amy with me this time, we actually decided to brave going into the tunnel together (would never do it on my own!) for an added treat – there are glow worms living deep inside the tunnel :)   

Life lately

I’ve been keeping busy trying to enjoy the last of Summer as it quickly fades. I love Autumn and Winter (I really love all the seasons for their own special reasons) but I am going to miss Daylight Savings. It’s my favourite part of the year for the simple fact that I can get home from work at 6pm and still have time to take the dog to the beach to watch the sun set over the ocean. Now that it gets darker quicker I will usually miss out. Guess I’ll just have to start chasing sunrises instead :) In any case, here is the last few weeks of my life in pictures. Being in nature is my most favourite solace. J x Royal Botanical Gardens Home My local succulent man Work Serenity        

Steen Jones

This week I had the pleasure of watching incredible artist and all round nice guy Steen Jones do his thing at two awesome spots – a shop front in Bondi Beach and the side of Dapper Darlings, another beautiful shop that just happens to be owned by two of my very good friends, Linda and Dan. Here are a few snaps of the Dapper paint session. It’s really fun to watch artwork evolve, especially something as big and bold as this! If you’re in the area of Long Jetty you should definitely go and check it out.

Roasted capsicums + bio cheese

Roasted capsicums stuffed with quinoa, lentils, semi-sundried tomatoes, green and red kale, fresh chilli and cajun spices. Delish! You’ll hear mixed reviews about bio cheese but I don’t mind it. It melts really well which is it’s greatest benefit, meaning for pizza and nachos for the like it works a charm! My local supermarket has now started stocking a new brand of bio cheese. I still like the Harris Farm bio cheese better in terms of flavour, but it’s annoying for me to acquire because there are no Harris Farm Markets near my house. It’s not a product I will buy too often because it’s pretty expensive and I’ve already chosen a life without cheese anyway, but it’s a nice-to-have option for those times when food is just a little better off with some cheesy melty goodness.