American pictorial

Here are some of my favourite photos from my USA trip :) Seattle Pike Street Market Fremont, Seattle Fremont Street Markets Space Needle, Seattle View from top of the Needle EMP Museum This thing was three storeys high! Worn to be Wild, leather jacket exhibition The mirror man who scared me! The Gum Wall SeaContinue reading “American pictorial”

An Event Apart Web Design Conference, day Three

Today was the workshop component of the #aeasea conference, as well as the final day. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Even though it was a “web design” conference and I’m not a designer I found most of the content really accessible. There were a few bits and pieces that were a bit too technicalContinue reading “An Event Apart Web Design Conference, day Three”

An Event Apart Conference, Seattle, Day Two

The second day of the #aeasea conference was as good as the first! I was particularly looking forward to seeing Karen McGrane speak as I just finished reading her book, Content Strategy for Mobile, and I like her brain a lot! There was a great mix of speakers today on some great topics including mobile,Continue reading “An Event Apart Conference, Seattle, Day Two”

An Event Apart Web Design conference, Seattle, Day One

Day One of the #aeasea conference did not disappoint in any aspect. It started off with registration and receiving the best conference pack I’ve ever gotten at any conference or presentation ever (see photos!). Better still was the fact that there was decent coffee that didn’t taste like butt. Always a bonus. The food throughoutContinue reading “An Event Apart Web Design conference, Seattle, Day One”

Hello Seattle!

I’ve arrived! The trip was long and a little tedious but after the Canberra:Sydney:LA:Seattle round trip of about 30 hours I arrived in one piece. By the time I got to LA I was already exhausted. During my flight to Seattle I was falling in out of sleep (I really struggle to sleep anywhere that’sContinue reading “Hello Seattle!”