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American pictorial

Here are some of my favourite photos from my USA trip :) Seattle Pike Street Market Fremont, Seattle Fremont Street Markets Space Needle, Seattle View from top of the Needle EMP Museum This thing was three storeys high! Worn to be Wild, leather jacket exhibition The mirror man who scared me! The Gum Wall Sea Shepherd Gallery Seattle Public Library Bryant Park, New York City Grand Central Terminal View from The High Line New York Public Library View from my hotel rooftop terrace View of the city from the East River Ferry Greenpoint, Brooklyn Brooklyn Flea Markets Prospect Park, Brooklyn Brooklyn Public Library Brooklyn Museum This was the most incredible exhibition. These beautiful handmade sculptures by El Enatsui were all made in Nigeria out of recycled materials like cans, tins and old copper wire. They were gigantic and graceful. Brooklyn Bridge Central Park Top of Times Square Working on the roof terrace Museum of Natural History The top one is a koala! Mineral exhibition (aka heaven) Advertisements

New York v2

How things can change in just a few hours! In my last post I mentioned that I had been feeling unwell but that I was hoping some cold and flu tablets would stop it from getting worse but alas, it got worse. I woke up in the middle of the night last night to find that one whole side of my face had swelled up dramatically, so much so that my eye was nearly swollen shut. After some frantic Googling of symptoms and local emergency doctors I decided I wasn’t dying and to wait until a more godly hour to go to the local medical centre. I went to see the doctor thinking I must have had a sinus infection but it turns out that I have actually caught shingles. On my face. Yep. Gross. The shingles themselves aren’t actually that bad but to make things grosser, the virus has gotten into my eye, hence the swelling and agonising pain behind my eyeball. What fun! I got a script for antibiotics and some eye drops …

New York, New York

I have to preface this post with a warning that it might end up being rather long. I’ve been in New York for four days thereabouts so I’ve got a lot to cover! After a glorious weekend being a tourist and then meeting with the New York Public Library yesterday I intended on posting last night but unfortunately I’ve actually become rather unwell. Suffering from virusy flu like symptoms and just generally feeling rundown, so I decided to sleep rather than work last night. I stocked up at the pharmacy this morning, hopefully I will be able to ward off any further germies so that I can see out the last few days of my trip in relative good health. I am sitting in Central Park as I type this so it’s not all bad right? A brief summary of my wonderful weekend includes meeting with one of my oldest friends for breakfast, taking advantage of the coincidental half a day that our paths crossed in our travels, exploring Grand Central Station and surrounds and …