A lovely day on the Central Coast <3

Beautiful weather on the coast this weekend so I decided to take myself on an outing this iconic Central Coast location <3 It’s been years since I’ve been there and it was pretty much exactly as I remembered it. Still couldn’t pluck up the courage to go into the spiders den though. Yuck.


I could have spent all day with this sweetheart. He was so placid and cuddly and dog-like. He loved tummy scratches and chin rubs and got sooky any time I stopped petting him. So cute!

reptile1a reptile2 reptile3 reptile4 reptile5 reptile6 reptile6a reptile6aa

Cutest little devils <3

reptile7 reptile7a reptile8 reptile9 reptile10 reptile11 reptile17

This made me sad. I know the Reptile Park does a lot of great rehabilitation work, but why keep birds? Lorikeets aren’t endangered and they don’t belong in 4×4 metre cells.

reptile20 reptile21


reptile31 reptile33 reptile34 reptile35 reptile37 reptile38

After the Reptile Park I went to Somersby Falls. We used to spend a lot of time here when I was a kid – it’s the perfect spot for a bushwalk and a swim, to go exploring, have a picnic and to catch tadpoles. I have a lot of fond memories from here <3 It was exactly like I remember it – as beautiful as ever.

somersby1 somersby2 somersby3 somersby5 somersby6 somersby8 somersby9 somersby10 somersby11 somersby12 somersby14 somersby15


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3 thoughts on “A lovely day on the Central Coast <3

    1. Thank you so much! So sweet of you :) I’m actually moving back to the Coast in a few weeks after a few years away – can’t wait! :)

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