Thailand <3

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend 10 glorious days in beautiful Thailand. It was exactly the break I needed – the perfect mixture of relaxation and exploration. The highlight for me was visiting the Elephant Nature Park – a spectacular sanctuary that takes in abused, abandoned or retired working elephants and gives them a life of love, leisure, protection and care. It was an emotional day to hear about some of the horror stories but also made it so much more incredible to know what peaceful creatures they are despite what they’ve been through. I sponsor an elephant at the park, the gracious Tong Jaan, and it was lovely to see her so loved and worshipped in such a happy, green and open place to call home. It was an incredible privilege to be able to get up close to these graceful giants, in an environment that provides the opportunity to intimately enjoy and observe these beautiful animals that is safe for both elephant and human. I highly recommend a visit to the ENP to all who love, respect and are fascinated by animals.

To the photos!

Kata Beach:


Phi Phi Islands:

1014206_10151567266611440_383092815_n (1)

1014206_10151567266611440_383092815_n 537226_10151567265591440_1588523707_n

Monkey Island:




Phi Phi lookout:

534008_10151567270716440_1613909428_n 946367_10151567271686440_830246135_n  993971_10151567266971440_558768374_n 993971_10151567267586440_1491238981_n 994320_10151567268421440_1112069048_n

Viking Cave:

1000581_10151567267531440_234338767_n 1001573_10151567270246440_57961562_n 1001932_10151567268056440_1009833741_n 1003370_10151567268371440_700466773_n  1095037_10151567269501440_34181048_n 1146499_10151567271741440_2108183929_n 1146593_10151567269426440_1490354895_n 1098054_10151567272631440_899914692_n 1017010_10151567269751440_322344660_n

1150167_10151567266446440_2061174764_n 1148988_10151567270776440_1999427439_n



1150919_10151567266511440_627708406_n 1150408_10151567271566440_1147002406_n 1151024_10151567267716440_226256833_n 1157505_10151567265286440_899352925_n

Chiang Mai:


Wat Chedi Luang:


533980_10151569025031440_345807228_n 21434_10151569024816440_55879705_n 969625_10151567273126440_479037147_n 969279_10151567273446440_315868311_n 557976_10151567274561440_971027233_n  998095_10151567274511440_2031568449_n 999599_10151569024571440_1719662548_n 1006300_10151569025071440_1912179919_n 1148745_10151567272701440_1226020096_n 1157565_10151567274151440_1369822362_n 1157592_10151569025171440_359588976_n 1170826_10151567273666440_557419511_n 1173691_10151567274816440_13391784_n  1173865_10151567274541440_1244007182_n

Elephant Nature Park:

1174868_10151569020856440_1956780418_n 1170956_10151569020306440_725096509_n 1157423_10151569021946440_713990944_n 1157747_10151569019711440_872738087_n 1151018_10151569021806440_240994879_n 1150842_10151569021231440_567707795_n 1150811_10151569022401440_1998446616_n   1149015_10151569023346440_1227500953_n 1150254_10151569018661440_436340200_n 1148982_10151569023781440_635951498_n 972168_10151569018151440_824330197_n 970508_10151569017656440_815492844_n 944804_10151569020606440_1648912535_n 935941_10151569020441440_1470210672_n 537213_10151569019451440_1420033738_n 521994_10151569017686440_359375226_n 66797_10151569018411440_1922079855_n 11179_10151569024056440_1736064442_n 534007_10151569019396440_361409490_n


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    1. Hi! Thank you so much :) hostels aren’t quite as common in South East Asia because good quality 3-4 star hotels are so cheap! In a place like Thailand I usually splurge a little and stay in proper hotels – usually they’re worth it for the air conditioning at night alone!

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