Content strategy food for thought

I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading today about content strategy, especially CS for government and while I’m not going to spend time unpacking these ideas right now, I just wanted to leave them here to revisit later, as they have provided me with a lot to think about and a clearer vision for the way forward.

Government websites have to start talking human.
Most government content is for non-specialists. It’s when jargon [internal language] strays outside into public-facing websites that i becomes totally meaningless.
Janus Boye

The problem with most government content is a lack of understanding of who they are addressing. Without this clarity and direction, content tends to be organisation-centric [and therefore inaccessible to the public].
Diana Railton

Government officials are there to serve and government websites should be exemplary examples of self-service.
Gerry McGovern

Just in case publishing
This risk-averse strategy puts content online not so people could use it, but because of a perceived need that it has to be there.
Gerry McGovern.


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