Content strategy

I respect content. I like content. I love good content. I want to develop a content strategy for the National Library – we need it. But the trouble, as with any gigantic, enormous, mind-boggling, daunting and complex project, is figuring out exactly where to start.

I am meeting up with some great content strategists, practitioners and thinkers on my trip to the USA which I am incredibly excited for. I intend on coming back to Australia inspired and equipped with an arsenal of ideas and ready to scale all the content mountains in the world! Yeah! But until such time, I still have almost no idea at all about how to begin such a task and have been trying to prepare myself for meeting these wonderbrains by doing as much research as possible.

If you dare you can read more about and follow my research, learnings, thoughts, ramblings, planning, actions, resolutions, triumphs and failures around content strategy.

Awesomely, there is an absolute wealth of resources and information out there on content strategy – from big picture stuff to the nitty gritty of data analysis – and to be honest, for a newbie it is really quite overwhelming. So here is my own haphazardly curated list of resources – this is an ever-growing, ever-refining list, and its mostly for my benefit than for anyone else’s, but hopefully a useful start for anyone asking themselves the same question: ‘what the heck is a content strategy and how do I make one?’

Introduction to content strategy

Articles & blog posts


Other resources


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